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Avira AntiVir Campus

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Avira AntiVir Campus is especially designed for the demands of small and medium-sized educational institutions such as high schools and universities and provides optimum performance at an affordable level. The solution wards off digital threats and protects all levels of the network against malware infections.

The package includes licenses for Windows and Unix, installation support as well as the Avira Security Management Center which allows the administrator of the Avira AntiVir solutions to efficiently manage the entire solution from one central point. Optionally, Avira AntiVir Exchange – incl. Avira AntiSpam – provides safe and efficient email communications.

Included Solutions

* Avira AntiVir Professional (Windows und Unix)

* Avira AntiVir Server (Windows und Unix)

* Avira AntiVir MailGate (Unix)

* Avira AntiVir WebGate (Unix)

* Avira AntiVir ISA Server (Windows)

* Avira Security Management Center

* Optional: Avira AntiVir Exchange incl. Avira AntiSpam


* One license for all supported platforms

* Licensing per protected computer

* License durations 1 or 3 years

* License renewals with 30 percent saving

License scope

* Free updates and upgrades during the license duration

* Free installation support (phone and email)

* Free platform change

* Software and documentation for downloading

Support (optional)

* Avira Gold Support: 8/5 Support by telephone/email

* Avira Platinum Support: 24/7 Support by telephone/email

You can receive the Avira AntiVir Campus at all qualified Avira partners. We would be happy to give you an Avira partner near you. Information telephone: +49 (0) 7542-500 0 or email to [email protected]


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