McAfee Mobile Security Report 2008

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Занятный документик, рекоммендую ознакомиться. Отчет вышел более полугода назад, неоднократно цитировался в сми, но на полный электронный вариант я наткнулся впервые.

Вот выдержки:

- 72% of mobile users are concerned about the security of mobile services

- Up to 94% of all mobile users do not have mobile protection software on their mobile devices

- More than half of mobile users (55%) expect mobile operators to preload mobile security functionality to all handsets and offer mobile security services free of charge

- Over a third of all mobile users already have doubts that mobile services and devices are safe to use



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McAfee Mobile Security Report 2009


Mobile device manufacturers are experiencing more mobile malware attacks than ever before and spending more time and money on recovery from these attacks.

Infections from existing malware variants remain at a high level. Most issues reported today effect carriers’ network capacity, indicating the type of business risks that may result from a security incident.

But manufacturers have experienced their own issues with installing applications, handling user data, and patching security solutions for devices out in the feld. Manufacturers have mentioned that the increased cost for resolving problems was the most signifcant effect from previous mobile security incidents.

For more than 70 percent of manufacturers, mobile security is necessary in anticipation of future threats. Attacks on networks and devices are more sophisticated than ever. The recent increase in the level of sophistication of attacks has raised concerns about security for many existing and emerging services.

Manufacturers want to be in control of security for their devices. About 75 percent prefer to include security technology as a preloaded and prepaid functionality or service on their devices, limiting user interaction and responsibility.

Most commonly deployed security measures include mobile encryption solutions, application certifcation, and platform security in the form of mandatory access control (MAC). However, the recent attacks on multiple vendors’ platform security have demonstrated the need for complementary security technology, such as dynamic content security, including the ability to wipe out or block malicious or unwanted content or services.



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