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Kaspersky Lab denies being hacked

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Kaspersky Lab denies being hacked

T'weren't our fault, guv

By INQUIRER newsdesk: понедельник 12 марта 2007, 15:43

IT SEEMS THE dodgy link that appeared on Kaspersky Lab's web site did so under conditions that were beyond the firm's control.

The site "was never hacked," we were informed by the firm, rather it was the victim of a cock-up by its DNS provider.

Randy Drawas, Kasperskys' marketing veep, dropped us a line to say the page, "was in fact a holding page supplied by our DNS Provider. This was not a scam page and our site was never hacked. It was done in error by this provider because they allowed our registered url to expire."

"Thank you for pointing this issue out to us," added Randy.

The DNS Provider Midphase Services, Inc. admitted the notice of renewal for the site was "misguided".

"When today the firm heard of the oversight - no doubt thanks to your community-minded INQ - the domain was renewed. It "should be ready to be worked upon or looked at shortly," a spokesman wrote in an email.

"I apologize for any problems caused by this miscommunication from the technical support team. Once again thank you for choosing midphase and have a great day," he added.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky's day had already been ruined.


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    • demkd
      а толку то это ничего не даст, задачи то уже нет
    • santy
      хорошо, бы, да, и эти события включить в образ автозапуска. 4698(S): A scheduled task was created. 4699(S): A scheduled task was deleted. похоже в самой задаче может быть установлено свойство удалить задачу, если не запланировано новых запусков. "Галка Удалить задание, если нет его повторения по расписанию, предназначена для того, чтобы удалить «одноразовые» задания из папки Назначенные задания в Панели управления. Установка этой галки приведет к удалению задания, если расписание его запуска не предусматривает последующих его запусков."  
    • demkd
    • santy
      да, неплохо. а отключенные задачи попадают в образ? или только активные? 4698(S): A scheduled task was created. 4699(S): A scheduled task was deleted. 4700(S): A scheduled task was enabled. 4701(S): A scheduled task was disabled.
    • demkd
      это излишние навороты и так уже навернуто столько, что все это хозяйство замечательно тормозит