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BitDefender Total Security 2008 beta

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 19 /CNW/ -- BitDefender®, an award- winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, is inviting the public to test BitDefender Total Security 2008, the flagship product of the company's upcoming family of Internet security products.

Integrating BitDefender's award wining technologies into a complete PC and data security solution, BitDefender's Total Security 2008 will offer many new enhancements and capabilities, including a new game mode configured to be less intrusive for smooth game playing, a backup feature, system maintenance tools, 64b support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and many other improvements. BitDefender's Total Security 2008 will be available to consumers

in late summer 2007.

Among the prizes to be awarded to the most thorough beta testers will be three gaming consoles including a Sony Playstation 3, a Microsoft Xbox360 and a Nintendo Wii. Other prizes include a Nokia N90 device, 30 PC games (either World of Warcraft or Command & Conquer 3), as well as free licenses for BitDefender's 2008 consumer product line.

"BitDefender puts its products through such rigorous testing by the public to ensure we offer the best possible security solutions to our subscribers," said Carmen Maierean, BitDefender desktop product manager. "Gamers are particularly important to the BitDefender Total Security 2008 beta testing contest because of the enhanced gaming features included in the new

product. We are confident the combination of thorough testing and new features included in BitDefender Total Security 2008 will continue to position us ahead of the competition in terms of the level of protection it provides to consumers worldwide."

BitDefender Total Security 2008 Beta will be made available to download for free through BitDefender's corporate website (http://www.BitDefender.com) starting June 19, 2007. Registration and further information about the BitDefender Total Security 2008 Beta testing contest can be found online at:

http://beta.bitdefender.com. The contest will end on July 20 and winners will

be announced on August 30, 2007.


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