Avira Names Travis Witteveen as New CEO

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Avira Names Travis Witteveen as New CEO


World-renowned security solutions provider Avira has a new chief executive officer. Starting with July 1, 2013, Travis Witteveen, who has worked at the company since 2009 as chief operating officer, will occupy the position.

Witteveen has been in the IT security industry since 1992. Before joining Avira, he held the roles of senior vice president of sales and global operations at F-Secure, and vice president of global sales at AVG Technologies.

“For the last 27 years Tjark Auerbach has built a top notch company with great employees, achieving a leadership position in the antivirus industry. I am honored he has chosen me to continue evolving Avira,” said Travis Witteveen.

“We have a solid pipeline of innovative technology and solutions, expanding our offering beyond just computers and devices. We have a great team with a strong commitment to the customer. It will be hard work but we are going to have a lot of fun continuing the growth and success of Avira,” Witteveen added.

“In the coming months we will strengthen our leadership in the antivirus industry even more. We will expand our portfolio by providing more security and safety functionality across all our customers’ internet-connected devices, as well as the services and activities they engage in. I’m excited.”

Tjark Auerbach, the man who founded Avira over 27 years ago, remains the majority shareholder.

“Avira is a healthy growing company, firmly established in the security industry,” said Auerbach.

“With Travis, I have found a successor who shares my same vision for the company, and has the operational skills and industry connections to take Avira to the next level. He also possesses similar values as I do, and a relentless passion to build and do great things.”

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С чем это связано не совсем понял? Тьярк устал или же к ним зашел кто-то из новых акционеров и пришлось папу для вида убрать с позиции СЕО?

P.S. А Оливер не тянет пока порулить делом отца? ;)

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