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While adware may not always be the riskiest threat, it’s certainly the most pervasive threat in every region. In fact, we found that the global likelihood of a new Android Lookout user having adware installed on their device is 1.6 percent. Adware disturbs the mobile user experience and collects sensitive information through an ad platform without a user’s knowledge. Chargeware, applications that sneakily charge users without making it clear, comes in second place behind adware in most countries.

Malware threats like spyware, surveillanceware and Trojans are also proliferating. Surveillanceware, commercial programs designed to capture and transmit sensitive user information without their knowledge, affects an estimated .24 percent of U.S. Android users. Trojans, programs that appear legit but perform illicit activity when they run, are encountered by 0.5 percent of new Lookout users.



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