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F-Secure выпустила очередной отчет по мобильным угрозам

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Despite Android platforms is the principal target of new malware, we cannot ignore the malicious code that hit also other platforms less famous in this moment such as Symbian:


during the third quarter were detected 51,447 unique samples, it is a worrying increase if we consider that Google has tried to secure it’s OS with the introduction of an additional security layer, named Bouncer, on the Android Play Store:


Analyzing mobile threat detected in Q3 by type it is possible discover that trojan dominate the scenario with a percentage of 71,5% followed by Riskware at 7,5%, relevant are also the menaces posed by monitoring Tool, Trojan-Spy and Spyware:


Once again the privileged origin for new wave of malware is China but principal purpose is not cyber espionage but making a profit sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers or those associated with SMS-based services:


A rilevant factor to consider in the analyis is the geographic distribution of malware, the large diffusion in China and Russia of such malicious code is a natural consequence of the continued high growth in Android smartphone adoption in those regions

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