Android Under Siege: Popularity Comes at a Price

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Довольно интересный отчет TrendMicro

Malware targeting Google’s Android platform increased nearly sixfold in the third quarter of 2012. What had been around 30,000 malicious and potentially dangerous or high-risk Android apps in June increased to almost 175,000 between July and September. This report will examine what led to the increase and what it means for users and developers alike.

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Кстати, в их же отчете за Сентябрь есть следующие интересные данные:

Mobile Top 10 in August 2012

The following are the countries with the highest risk for malicious application download:

1. Argentina

2. Kuwait

3. Russia

4. India

5. Brazil

6. Thailand

7. Philippines

8. Malaysia

9. Saudi Arabia

10. Indonesia

* Ratings are provided by analyzing real-time threat detection in Trend Micro™ Mobile Security Personal

Edition. Due to technical reasons, China is not included.

Аргентина, Кувейт - имхо, неожиданно

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