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Сергей Ильин

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control

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Сергей Ильин

Вышел новый магический квадрант Garnter для рынка NAC:


The NAC market consists of several categories:

Infrastructure Vendors: Most enterprise-class LAN switch manufacturers offer NAC solutions. In the early days of the market, these vendors targeted their NAC offerings to their installed base of LAN switches. The BYOD phenomenon will make this a more difficult strategy, because policies now must be enforced across wired and wireless networks, and most switch manufacturers don't have strong wireless offerings. Several wireless LAN vendors can enforce basic policies on their wireless controllers, but can't enforce policies on switched Ethernet LANs. The ability to support NAC policies in wireless LANs will become more important during the BYOD era, but the wireless LAN (WLAN) vendors will be unable to penetrate the broader NAC market without support for wired LANs. Wired and wireless infrastructure vendors have had limited success in selling their NAC solutions outside of their installed bases and into their competitors' accounts.

Network Security Vendors: A mix of intrusion prevention system (IPS), firewall and virtual private network (VPN) vendors offer NAC solutions. Because they already serve as enforcement points in the network, these products can be easily repurposed to become NAC policy enforcement points.

Pure-Play Vendors: BYOD has created new opportunities for these vendors, because today's heterogeneous endpoint environments sometimes require specialized policies.

Gartner estimates that the size of the NAC market in 2011 will be approximately $206 million, an increase of approximately 3% over the market in 2010. For 2012, we expect market growth of approximately 10%. Note that the 2012 growth projection is higher than we predicted in "Competitive Landscape: Network Access Control Worldwide, 2011," published in March 2011, when we predicted 2012 market growth of only 3%. The trend of NAC adoption as a response to BYOD has been stronger than we originally anticipated, thus our revised market growth prediction.


Если посмотреть на цифры, то $206 млн. это конечно копейки в мировом масштабе, не смотря на то, что NAC уже скоро будет 10 лет, как они начали массово предлагаться на рынке.

Однако Gatner верит ...

Enterprise interest in NAC has rebounded after several years of flat market performance, and BYOD has been the main driver. While there are a number of approaches for securely supporting the use of personally owned devices, Gartner believes NAC will emerge as one of the key mechanisms for providing a flexible approach to protecting the network against the risks of personally owned mobile devices.

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