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Bitdefender Launches Android Security Solution

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Following recent launches including a solution to protect virtualized environments, and a new cloud–based endpoint security solution, Bitdefender this week entered the Android security space with the launch of Bitdefender Mobile Security, the Bucharest-based company’s first security product targeting the Android platform.

Bitdefender Mobile Security offers cloud-based security technology to help combat mobile threats without taxing the device's battery and operating system.

The new Android security offering brings features including an Application Audit that monitors the permissions of installed applications, and can automatically scan applications immediately after being installed.

Anti-Theft features allow users to track down a lost or stolen device, or send a message to the Android device.

Built in web security features utilize Bitdefender’s cloud services to alert users, about webpages that may contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content.

An on-demand scan can be run to make sure that all the applications installed on the device are legitimate and applications installed or stored on the device are legitimate and safe.

"Our in-the-cloud technology prevents battery strain, updates continuously and takes it easy on the operating system,” said Senior Product Manager Alex Balan, commenting on the product’s light weight design.

A free version is available from the Android Market that includes the Malware Scanner, Application Audit and Geolocation. A premium version is available for $9.95 per a year and adds the cloud-based web security and anti-theft features.


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