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Что это за штука - Tubitak?

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В общем - сабж. Наткнулся на статью:


но ничего не нашёл по поводу этого ключа и что, собственно, произошло там у турок с майкрософтом?

Кто в курсе, не объясните?


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Стормозил... По ссылке автора блога - интересная статья, которая более-менее всё объяснила:

At the authentication workshop following FC2011 I

asked a panelist from the Mozilla Foundation why, when I updated Firefox the

previous day, it had put back a certicate I'd previously deleted, from an or-

ganisation associated with the Turkish military and intelligence services. The

Firefox spokesman said that I couldn't remove certicates|I had to leave them

in but edit them to remove their capabilities|while an outraged Turkish dele-

gate claimed that the body in question was merely a `research organisation'. The

Firefox guy then asked what sort of protocol might be appropriate for denying

access to the certicate store in an open product; surely every organisation that

meets publicly-stated norms should get in. They'd have to observe something bad

happening before they yank a cert (though observing bad things is hard). This

exchange shows how intractable the problem of global `identity' provision has

become. Perhaps it nudges us towards the relative naming in SPKI/SDSI [3],

where there is no confusion between `What Verisign calls Gmail' and `What

Tubitak calls Gmail'.

At least until then, global single sign-on will be made hazardous by govern-

ment coercion. I may trust Google to be robust in resisting government attempts

to read my Gmail, in that they will contest warrants presented by the police

forces of countries in which I am neither resident nor located; but if Facebook

and the people who issue driving licenses can also log me on to Gmail (and might

thus be coerced to log on to Gmail as me), I have to think about their policies


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