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Китайцы на днях выпустили бету антивируса для Android:

According to the statistics of Infonetics Research, mobile security client software market went up 16% in Q2, huge growth expected in 2010 and the mobile security software segment forecasts growth at a 50% compound annual growth rate from 2009 to 2014. Moreover, Android devices have outsold the iPhone in the first half of 2010. Android applications are booming! Statistics show that over 160,000 apps are available for download on Android Market. All these have made Android devices an enticing target for hackers and mobile security threats. NetQin Anti-virus 4.2 Beta for Android devices can make Android device users take full control over their smart-phones with the following features:

“Anti-Virus” deletes the latest viruses, Trojans, spyware and malicious fee-deduction software to protect your phone and privacy. Real-time protection is also included to detect threats and ensure device safety during file transmission, network connection and app installation. With NetQin Mobile Anti-virus V4.0, a firewall runs in the background to protect network traffic and privacy.

“Backup Contacts”, a general backup account that allows users to backup and restore contact information seamlessly between Android, Symbian, iOS,etc., avoiding loss of data.

“Mobile Anti-lost” runs with remote control-like functions, providing worldwide protection for financial losses and privacy leakage. "Anti-lost" allows users to locate a lost phone, sound an alarm on it, and trace where exactly it is. If the user gives up on the possibility of getting the device back, the content on the phone can be completely deleted via simple remote commands sent to the phone.

NetQin Anti-virus 4.2 Beta for Android is available for download at: http://www.netqin.com/en/antivirus/ and the Android Market.

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Похоже с прошлой беты, которую они выпускали зимой, в антивирусной части изменений не произошло.

по прежнему нету:

-файлового монитора

-проверки в архивах

-проверки уже установленных приложений. Во всяком случае он не обнаружил угроз среди установленных троянов.

-при проверке во время установки, он пропустил все трояны. Хотя это небольшой недостаток, возможно у них в Китае просто другие угрозы.

Ну во всяком случае он смог обнаружить eicar на sd карте. Такого не могут сделать больше половины "антивирусов" под Андроид.

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