Kaspersky PURE R2: commercial release (build

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On November, 2nd 2010 Kaspersky Lab announces commercial release of Kaspersky PURE R2. The full version number is

Concept of your computer protection by Kaspersky PURE R2

Kaspersky PURE R2 provides real-time protection of your computer against all types of data threats, prevents the user’s data from loss and unauthorized use, protects children and teenagers against threats related to the use of computers and the Internet, and manages the security of all computers on a home network from any of them.

Main features of Kaspersky PURE R2

* State-of-the-art anti-virus technologies implemented in Kaspersky PURE R2 protects against such cutting-edge data threats as viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, bootkits, botnets, and other illegal ways used for remote management of users’ computers, theft of logins, passwords, and other personal data stored on your computer, spam and phishing, hacker attacks and unsolicited web content.

* Proactive Defense technologies implemented in Kaspersky PURE R2 protects against emerging threats by means of a behavior analyzer, which monitors the behavior of applications on your computer and interferes in actions performed by applications whose behavior has been classified as suspicious or dangerous.

* The Application Control system monitors the actions of applications that are run on your computer, and restricts access to crucial segments of the OS and the user’s personal data. Applications are divided into groups (trusted, low restricted, high restricted, and untrusted) according to data received from Kaspersky Lab’s reputational services. Restrictions imposed on the application depend on which group that application belongs to.

* A unique technology Sandbox uses virtualization principles to create a safe environment for running applications. This safe environment allows the users to test new software in an isolated area that protects the operating system against all changes. The number of web browsers and other applications run in the safe environment simultaneously, is unlimited.

* A set of tools used for protection of the user’s personal data, automatically closes access of an incautious user to known phishing websites and blocks keyloggers aimed at stealing passwords and access codes.

* The Anti-Spam technology, which allows reducing the number of unwanted messages significantly, has been implemented based on two groups of methods: exact and expert methods. Exact methods allow applying strict filtering criteria to a message, which help determine whether this message is spam or not. Expert methods allow examining email messages that have already passed the filtering.

* The Backup module ensures storage and protection of important user's data (documents, photos, or music) against loss and corruption caused by malware, unintended deletion, or failure of the hard drive. Backup copies of data are created in dedicated storage areas on a medium selected by the user, and allow quick data recovery in case of data loss.

* Parental Control has been designed to protect children and teenagers against risks related to the use of computers and the Internet. Parental Control allows imposing flexible restrictions on access to resources and applications for various users, depending on their age and experience, and viewing statistical reports on the users’ activities.

* Up-to-date transparent encryption technologies provide comprehensive protection of the user’s data against unauthorized access or theft by creating dedicated data storages, or container files. After a container file is connected, you can handle it as a protected virtual disk drive. In case of a virus attack, when working in unprotected wireless networks, if a USB drive or a notebook is lost or stolen, Kaspersky PURE R2 ensures confidentiality of encrypted data.

* Password Manager securely stores passwords and other account data of the user, while ensuring privacy when filling in various authentication fields. Password Manager links passwords and user accounts with Microsoft Windows applications or web pages for which they have been set. After a web page is opened or an application is started, the user name and the password are entered automatically.

* Home Network Control allows running virus scan tasks and updates for the entire network or for selected computers, managing the data backup, and adjusting the Parental Control settings on all networked computers right from your workstation. Thus, the remote security management is provided for all computers on your home network.

What’s new in Kaspersky PURE R2


- Parental Control functionality has been extended due to control of communication in social networks.

- The account creation procedure in Password Manager has been simplified, depending on the account type selected.

- The option to create a portable Password Database has been added, together with the option to synchronize this database with that of the Password Manager.

- Home Network Control now provides the option to manually add a computer to be controlled.

- Backup performance has been optimized.

New in the application interface:

1) The application interface has been improved significantly, which ensures convenience for users with various levels of computer literacy. The most important changes are:

* The "traffic lights" have been added to the main application window; they are now influenced by events in the Parental Control and Backup modules.

* The Backup wizards have been redesigned.

* A separate window has been created for the Password Manager module.

2) All application settings are now collected in one window.

3) Navigation between application windows has been optimized.


Download new Kaspersky PURE R2


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Кстати обновили страничку:


Бедный Пингвин катается на льдине... один-одинёшенек... в океане с яйцом....


Был когда-то такой мульт. Так он, бедняга, там и... И не жалко, вам, Пингвина?! :)

Ultimate Security?

А, вот в чём смысл! Типа с PURE Ultimate PC Security и Пингвину с яйцом на льдине одному не страшно?! Так?

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а почему на русскоязычном сайте до сих пор это?


я надеюсь, сама-то новая версия на русском языке есть?

The full version number is



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Может потому что продажи в России еще не начались? Не?

У Американцев вообще его нет. Тоже продажи не начались.

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У Американцев вообще его нет. Тоже продажи не начались.

Ну вот, остались американцы без Пьюра-2... А ведь у них уже сочельник. :)

Вдруг кто-то у Санты его заказывал. Не сбудется, увы.

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У Американцев вообще его нет. Тоже продажи не начались.

так релиз состоялся или нет? для кого тогда он, если купить нельзя уже больше, чем 2 недели?

американцы владеют английским и купить его через он-лайн могут

хотя там ошибка выскакивает какая-то


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Релиз состоялся в Европе. В США и России и Азии его еще не было.

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Отрезать ухо на фотографии - это не неплохо.

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    • kostepanych
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