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We are very pleased to be able to bring you SECUREVIEW, a magazine dedicated to all aspects of the IT security industry.

SECUREVIEW is an electronic publication from Kaspersky Lab that provides information about all aspects of the IT security industry.

Each issue includes:

* News to bring you right up to date with all the latest trends and exciting discoveries in the field of information security. There will be reports from recently held conferences and exhibitions, many of which will set the course for the industry’s development in the years ahead.

* Top Story which provides detailed analyses of the hottest topics in the industry, reflecting the interests of users’ right across the board.

* Analytics in which some of the world’s leading experts and journalists will share the results of their research into the field of digital safety with you, examining the burning issues of the day and providing solutions to those IT security problems so often encountered by people in the field.

* Technology covering the most interesting solutions from the last few years that we think has seriously influenced the computer security market.

* Forecasts that will appeal to a very wide audience and present the opinions of some of the industry’s leading experts regarding the future direction of IT security in the short term.

* Interview will be putting the industry’s experts in the hotseat and getting their responses to some pretty tough computer security related questions.

Our readership: Predominantly male and aged between 21 and 55 years old with a higher technical education.

They are typically:

* Experts involved in the industry

* Specialists from different companies who are responsible for IT security

* CIOs & CTOs. People who make decisions on the integration and procurement of computer security

* Enthusiasts who want to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in computer protection

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

We invite independent analysts and journalists to provide informed articles and comments.

More: http://www.secureviewmag.com/index.html

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