SEP 11.0.6 и 11.0.6a в чем чем разница?

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Загрузил с файлофой шары symantec'a два архива:




Но документов обозначающих разницу между одним и другим дистрибутивом не нашел, в чем разница?

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Release Update 6a (RU6a)

What's new in this version

Symantec Endpoint Protection RU6a provides a fix for two specific problems that existed in RU6. RU6a is a full build of Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Deploying or migrating clients when using multi-byte character group names in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Management console

Fix ID: 2020545

Symptom: If you create groups with names that use a double-byte character set, you cannot add new RU6 clients to those groups through any form of installation. New clients are automatically placed into the Default group.

Solution: With RU6, clients were incorrectly parsing DBCS characters resulting in a corrupt group name. When registering with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager using a corrupt group name, clients are placed into the Default group. With this fix, client-side changes were made to parse DBCS group names correctly.

Periodic CPU spike when using Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Java console

Fix ID: 2022713

Symptom: With RU6, a periodic CPU spike occurs when a user selected the Policies, Clients, or Admin page in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Java-based console.

Solution: This issue was caused by a periodic refresh of the Home page to prevent a time-out of the PHP session. The refresh task now refreshes the Reports page, which consumes fewer resources. In addition, you can now configure the refresh time by setting the scm.keepalivescheduleminute value in the conf.properties file.


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