ЛК открыла региональный офис в Индии.

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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions announces the launch of its territory office in India. The office has been set up in Hyderabad to provide customers and channel partners with direct access to the company and its resources.

Ms Suk Ling Gun has been appointed Managing Director for South Asia and will be heading Kaspersky Lab's new office in India. Reporting to Harry Cheung, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab APAC, Ms Gun will be spearheading the Indian operations.

Kaspersky Lab products and services in India are retailed through two main partners Pune-based Sakri IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Hyderabad-based Zoom Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Our new office in India has been set up to further improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers and partners and to extend our business outreach throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region", said Harry Cheung, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab APAC. Launching the new office will greatly strengthen Kaspersky Lab's position in the South Asian region".

Commenting on the launch of Kaspersky Lab territory office in India, Suk Ling Gun said: "Kaspersky Lab already has an established distribution system and we intend to get more sales channels under the distributors by engaging them in channel friendly activities and programs. With the launch of the Indian office I believe Kaspersky Lab will further strengthen its market position in India."


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