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The Midmarket Touch

These 10 winning products and runners-up deliver the right technology and come with a high level of vendor commitment

As solution providers increasingly look to help customers leverage the right technology to meet their growing needs, the ability to identify the right products for a growing, midsize organization has become more crucial.

With that in mind, CRNis recognizing 10 products across five categories that have been successful with VARs and CIOs in the midmarket space. The top midmarket product winners and runners-up were selected via a nomination process involving the CRN editorial staff, solution providers and CIOs of midsize organizations. The selections were based on customer service, how well the vendor's technology fits a midsize enterprise, and the vendor's commitment to solution providers serving midmarket customers. The winning products and runners-up were approved by groups of VARs, CIOs and CRN senior editorial management. Here they are:


Runner-Up: Kaspersky Mobile 8.0

Kaspersky Mobile resets the bar for mobile security with a slew of antitheft/anti-data-loss features. Kaspersky's Mobile 8.0 for Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones includes the features you would expect, blocking all known malware that targets mobile devices and spam sent via SMS. But because the majority of smartphone data loss stems from misplaced or stolen devices, Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 provides an encrypted folder for storing private information, ensuring the data can't be viewed if the device is left unattended. For devices that find their way to the back seat of a taxi, the SMS Find feature allows users to send a password via SMS to a lost device, which instructs the device to transmit its current GPS location and a link to Google Maps to its owner, displaying its exact coordinates via the phone's GPS capabilities.

If the mobile device has been stolen, its rightful owner can use the antitheft module in Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 to block access to the device, or to wipe all data stored in its memory.

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