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Matousec: изменение методологии тестирования

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В тестах матушека прибавление - теперь их 148 штук! :)

см. тут и тут.

1) 64 new tests have been implemented to SSTS. The main focus was to cover files and folders protection, registry keys and values protection and control of system autorun entries. Several tests of other kind were implemented too. A functionality of a few tests has been changed.

2) Scoring have changed in case of many tests. There are currently no 5%, 10% or 50% penalties, every failure leads to score of 0% for the given test. This affects many termination tests, SSS, SSS2, SSS3, Driver Verifier, BSODhook and ShadowHook tests.

3) The vendors now have a right of only one free testing request per six months for all their products, previously they had two such requests for every product. This change is enforced by the extensive amount of the new tests.

4) SSTS now contains the new Configurator tool. This tool is handy for creating the configuration files, especially for the settings required by the new tests related to file and registry protection.

The vendors are now given five weeks to review their products' protections. The tests with the new version of the suite and new rules will start after that.

The further development will focus on implementing new testing suite for Windows 7 on 64-bit platform.

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