Resume of a realtor (real estate agent)

A real estate agent has to have a sixth sense to a certain extent in order to get the maximum benefit from the transaction and to leave the client satisfied with his/her purchase.

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Good agents develop these qualities in themselves over many years, but they are also rewarded in the form of money which they earn from their experience and feelings.

Requirements for a realtor resume

The good, great agencies have a lot of demands on applicants, but if you get through, you will get a payoff! Different factors are taken into consideration, and they can vary from agency to agency.

  • Work experience - Sometimes it is a must.
  • Learning ability - You need to catch on the fly, you can't be stupid in this profession!
  • Negotiation skills - there are many books to help develop this ability.
  • Expressive appearance - do you have a suit? You will need it!
  • Good Russian speech - you will have to talk a lot, so improve your speech and diction.
  • Willingness to work irregular hours - uncertainty sometimes pays well.

Duties of a real estate agent

Different agencies - different duties, but the main activities will consist of talking to people, traveling, and closing deals.

  • Incoming and outgoing calls to clients
  • Presenting real estate agency services
  • Advising clients on real estate matters
  • Showing real estate as arranged by clients
  • Preparing relevant documents
  • Development of promotional materials for clients

Personal qualities

  • Initiative - professionals are always the first to show themselves;
  • Communicative - communicating with people must be your advantage;
  • Sense of humor - a great way to start a relationship;
  • Hard work, desire to earn a decent income, the work of an agent will help in this;
  • Commitment - you should always achieve your goal!
  • Responsibility - for a good job, the number one quality;
  • Responsibility - run your errands and you will get a bonus;
  • Leadership qualities - you may have to lead the team;
  • Stress resistance - be able to hold your own, and do not show weakness;
  • Self-confidence - this is visible to people, they are more willing to make contact.

Additional skills and abilities

  • You have to be able to work with a computer! At least at elementary level.
  • Foreign languages skills will put you in a good light
  • Know how to use office equipment (printer, scanner, fax...)
  • A driver's license or a car is a good indicator of your past employment

Write as much useful information about yourself as possible, perhaps another one of your hobbies can be a powerful argument in obtaining work.

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